Are you responsible for providing clean water to your city or municipality? Public utility companies are required to submit an accurate audit every year, so you'll want to hire an auditor who specializes in water works auditing. Alabama Municipal Audit Services, Inc. will make sure that all of the required reports are prepared and filed on time.

Alabama Municipal Audit Services provides water works audits to Prattville, Montgomery, Millbrook, Warrior & Alabaster, AL and surrounding cities. Call now to make an appointment.

We focus of the details of your audit

We focus of the details of your audit

Potable water is one of the most important services you provide for your community. Our CPA pays attention to every detail during the inspection process. Here are a few of the things we check for when we perform water works audits in the Millbrook, Warrior & Alabaster, AL area:

  • Accurate bookkeeping
  • Timely debt payments
  • Up-to-date customer accounts
  • Insurance compliance
  • Clean water samples

Once all the boxes are checked, we'll issue an accurate report. This trustworthy audit will ensure that your utility is operating smoothly, and your community is getting clean running water when they need it.

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