Your Community Counts On You

Conduct an accurate city audit in Millbrook, Warrior & Alabaster, AL, Prattville, and Birmingham Area

As a controller, the members of your community depend on you to keep their lights on, their water running and their city operating smoothly. That's why you need a CPA who values the needs of your community as much as you do. Alabama Municipal Audit Services, Inc. has been serving the Millbrook, Warrior & Alabaster, AL area for 12 years and counting. Call us today to make an appointment for city audits, and we'll make sure everything is in order and filed according to state laws and regulations.

Choose an auditor who is dedicated and thorough

Choose an auditor who is dedicated and thorough

The city audit process is lengthy and complicated, but you can trust that Alabama Municipal Audit Services will see it through and provide an accurate report. We'll handle every step of the municipal audit process, including:

  • Planning and performing of audits
  • Performing documentary evidence tests
  • Evaluating internal controls
  • Reviewing management letters and adjusting entries
  • Drafting and finalizing audit reports
  • Preparing and filing state documents
  • Reviewing year-end financial reports

Our detail-oriented CPA will make sure no stone is left unturned in your financial inspection. Alabama Municipal Audit Services is based in Millbrook, Warrior & Alabaster, AL, and we also serve Prattville, Montgomery and surrounding cities in Alabama.