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The state requires all public companies and municipalities to have their financial statements audited each year. If you're responsible for making sure your public works or city records are in order, count on an experienced CPA in the Millbrook, Warrior & Alabaster, AL area. Alabama Municipal Audit Services, Inc. specializes in reliable city, water works and 401k audits. We're a small accounting firm, so we can offer competitive pricing and personalized service.

Count on us for municipal auditing.

City Audits

Stay on top of your city's utilities with water works audits.

Water Works Audits

Make sure you're reporting your employees' benefits correctly.

401k Audits

Get hands-on training and support for the latest bookkeeping and tax software.

Software Training & Support

Get an accurate financial report

Are you the controller for a municipality or utility company? Do you oversee retirement benefits for your company? If so, people expect you to have your financials in order. Call Alabama Municipal Audit Services today if you need an experienced auditor to handle any of these services in the Millbrook, Warrior & Alabaster, AL area:

City audits
401k audits
Water works audits
Accounting software training and support

Stay on top of your accounting and get an accurate report-hire Alabama Municipal Audit Services for city, utility or 401k audits. Contact UsĀ to make an appointment.

We're serving Alabama communities

When it comes time for an independent review of your accounts, you want someone who knows what they're doing. Our CPA has specialized and in-depth knowledge of Alabama state laws and regulations. Our familiarity with local governments and communities sets us apart from other auditors in the area.

Alabama Municipal Audit Services serves the following Alabama communities:


If you're a controller or manager in these cities or surrounding areas, call a seasoned CPA to do your audits. We also offer a wide range of accounting, tax and bookkeeping software training and support. Contact Us today to make an appointment.